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Health certificates and recovery letters for your trip.

Are you in need of a health certificate (fit to travel certificate or recovery letter) for your journey? We take care of it for you.

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About Fit For Travel

Fit For Travel issues Fit To Travel certificates and recovery letters to anyone in need of one.

There are countries that require such a certificate - besides a negative PCR test - in order to be allowed to enter. For some countries a PCR test is not required for their own residents. In such cases a "fit to travel" certificate will be sufficient in order to travel. In the Netherlands unfortunately, a physician is not allowed to issue health certificates for their own patients.

In other cases a recovery letter is needed. We issue those as well (based on a positive test result)

Apply for fit to travel certificate Apply for recovery letter

We take care of your certificate

It is possible that after filling in the online questionnaire, you still need a (possible virtual) consultation, before a certificate is issued.

Applying for a Fit to Travel Certificate

Applying for a fit to travel certificate is easy. Read below what steps you should take. For questions, please contact us.


Fill in the online questionnaire with a few medical questions. After this you can pay immediately.


A physician checks your answers and decides whether a consultation is needed and if a certificate is issued.

Certificate via email

The day before your departure, you will receive your certificate via email. You can print it and take it with you.


A Fit For Travel certificate or recovery letter costs €40,- including taxes.



In case you have any questions, remarks or concerns about Fit For Travel, please contact us via info@fitfortravel.nl or +31 20 210 1431.

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